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Reflective Essay 1 – Early Learning about KM Assignment | Get paper Help

The purpose of this assignment is to help you clarify some fundamental concepts of knowledge management – sometimes we don’t know what we think about a subject until we write about it, so the idea is to work through the fundamental concepts of KM through writing. After reading the first sets of materials (weeks 1 – 3), briefly summarize what you’ve learned, especially noting new insights and how KM might affect your career aspiration.
You obviously can’t repeat everything you’ve read, so focus on the learning that had the most impact on you. Use in-text citations and a reference list in APA format. Be sure to put all direct quotations in quotation marks and note the source, limiting direct quotes to one or two short sentences or phrases. Aim to keep your paper at 1,000 – 1,500 words. Submit by uploading your essay.
Suggested sections for the paper:
• Title
• Brief background ( this part cannot be too long)
• Insights learned from readings (be sure to give some attention to Nonaka, SECI, Hislop) – provide examples
o Do not just repeat what is in the articles
• Application to your own career or career goals
o I want to be a data analyst or data management as my career
• References (do not count in word count)
• It’s a good idea to give section titles within the paper. Section titles help the reader make sense of an essay.
This assignment require you to read articles first. I will upload four articles for you. Two pdf articles. The other two do not have a phf version. I will put the website below. You can read online. You can only using those four articles I provided. And you need take direct quotations from it.
Article 1: Read from Chapter 4:What is knowledge Management. It is on page 49.
Hislop, D. (2013). The contemporary importance of knowledge and knowledge management. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, Chapter 4. What is knowledge management? p. 49
Article 2: Read the Chapter 7:Nonka and Knowledge Creation Theory. It is on page 105.
Hislop, D. (2013). Nonaka and knowledge creation theory, Chapter 7. In Knowledge management in organizations: A critical introduction. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.


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