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Emergencies Preparedness & Response Strategy Assignment | Essay Help Services

This is a report writing (Report 2) under my previous proposal as attached. Besides, there is a comment marked by the lecturers of my first proposal. Please help to edit my Report 2 accordingly. I’ve also attached an example with high grading. Since the topic cannot be changed, maybe it’s difficult to finish alone. For sure, I would like to have an interview part with all target groups. I’m still thinking about the interview question and the data analysis that I’ve drafted. Please help to edit/rewrite those parts if it’s drafted in the wrong way.

According to the marking grid, I must attach all interview conversation scripts with my paper. Thus, that is another point that if it is a must to interview, or it can be finished by creation.

This will be the final research report. Word length is between 4000-5000, excluding references and appendices. MUST include all your transcriptions (typed out) as an appendix. If conducting cognitive mapping, you MUST present your full final cognitive maps as well as photos of your original mapping as an appendix. We will be examining this to assess your qualitative data collection technique and the effectiveness of your analysis.

See Appendix 2 for a general overview of the structure and contents of the project, summarising what should be demonstrated by the project and by you as a writer. Note that this is not a definitive structure, only a guideline that covers all the important areas in a logical manner. There is the flexibility to adjust or change this structure depending on your needs.

APPENDIX 2: Project Report Suggested Structure

Statement of Confidentiality
If your work is to remain confidential, this must be stated on the very first page of your project
Thank anybody you think deserves it
Executive Summary
A single page of A4 providing an overview of the project (Most people write this last!)
Table of Contents
List(s) of Tables/Figures etc.
List of Appendices

Introduction (approximately 250-500 words)
• What are you exploring and why?
• Put the project into context.
• Why is it important to study this topic?
• Clear identify your research question.
• What are the aims and objectives of the research?

Literature Review (approximately 1000-1500 words)
This section of your dissertation/project identifies and analyses the key literature that has been written on your topic. This might come from textbooks, journal articles, and other reports. Please use all your secondary data analysis skills to present a clear section on the previous literature that has been written on the topic. Remember, it is important to look for themes in the literature, not just describe one article after another. Make sure you reference everything clearly and be careful not to plagiarise.

Methodology (approximately 500 words)
How you are going to conduct your research, and why you have chosen these particular methods. This will be informed by your earlier research proposal. However, this will have to be updated and developed. You will have to clearly justify which qualitative data collection method you are using and describe how you are using it – what, when, where, why.

Findings or analysis (approximately 1000-1500 words)
This is the section where you present your data, the evidence you have collected. You need to show how you have analyzed the data. The trick here is to communicate your findings in a clear and interesting way for the client. This can be achieved by using tables, diagrams quotes from respondents, etc.

Conclusions and Recommendations (approximately 1000 words)
This is one of the most important sections. This section is where you add value to your findings; you explain what you have found and why it is important; this would be in light of the Literature Review section. Further, you might recommend a course (or multiple courses) of action. However, these recommendations must be informed by your research, not made up in isolation.
Reference List
Create a Reference List of only the sources you have cited in the body of your report. Please do not include anything that is not in the body of your report. We recommend the Harvard style at the University of Plymouth.
There is material relating to Harvard referencing on the DLE, and there are also many helpful web sites.

Any additional material should be placed here. These must be referenced in the main body of your project, and the source acknowledged. They should be in the order they are referred to in your text. You MUST include all your transcriptions (typed out) from your interviews or focus group as an appendix.

APPENDIX 3: Assessment Level Descriptors


First (70%+)
Likely to be characterized by all or most of the following:
– Excellent coverage of relevant issues, highlighting key areas of interest and drawn from a range of credible sources.
– Logical and coherent throughout.
– Research is clearly presented and appropriate analysis conducted and discussed.
– Develops a strong case with a good conclusion, providing a convincing argument and reflecting on the research process.


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