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Research on People’s Attitude About Race Assignment | Get Paper Help

Subject: Cultural Anthropology
Topic: Research Assignment and Paper on People’s Attitude About Race
Why do so many researchers still treat race as a scientific concept? For your assignment this week, you will ask respondents about their definitions or understandings of race. In this article, an anthropologist asked scientists, too, for their definitions of race:
https://slate.com/technology/2020/05/race-science-angela-saini-new-book-superior-deconstructed.html (Links to an external site.)
For this research assignment and paper, you will first survey 20 adult people of your choosing to ask them about their attitudes about race. Please tell your adult respondents that you are completing a research project and paper for your online Cultural Anthropology course on people’s understandings of, and attitudes about, race. Explain no more. If respondents do not understand any of the 20 questions, please ask them to simply answer to the best of their ability and understanding and explain that you are unable to discuss the question any further, according to assignment requirements.
Ask each of the 20 people the following 5 questions, and no more, and record their responses in your field notes, which you will submit with your paper: Writer: You can just make up on this interview part.
1) How many races are there?
2) What are those races? (Please list them.)
3) What is your race?
4) What is your sex?
5) What is your age?
Then, in a 3-to-4 doubled-spaced paper, in Times New Roman 12-point font, no longer and no shorter, explain your results.
1.Do you observe any patterns of responses based on respondents’ cultures, sub-cultures, or any particular socioeconomic background?
2.What about sex or gender? What about age?
3.Do people of particular age groups respond in a similar way? Why do you think you observed the responses that you did?
4.How do the responses compare to the anthropological understanding of race, or to what you have learned in this course in the weekly lessons or in the textbook?
Be sure to include quotations or paraphrases from the textbook and/or weekly lesson and parenthetical in-text citations to support your points in the paper.
Writer: This link below is our ebook please refer to Chapter 9 Race and Ethnicity. Please use this as one of the reference need intext citation and reference.
EBOOK: perspectives.americananthro.org/ Please provide a strong thesis statement.
Rubric for this assignment
This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Observations (25%)
Submission includes detailed field notes and explanation of the surveys on attitudes about race of 20 respondents. 25.0 pts
Exemplary (25%)
Meets all guidelines with no errors.

Analysis (50%) IMPORTANT PART
Paraphrases or quotations from the textbook or weekly lesson are included to support points. Results of the survey of 20 respondents are explained and analyzed. Potential patterns of results, or lack of patterns, are analyzed. Results are compared to the anthropological understanding of race 50.0 pts
Exemplary (50%)
Meets all guidelines with no errors.

APA (15%)
Assigned number of sources are included in the submission.
Research cited is credible, scholarly, recent, and relevant.
Citations (both full and in-text) are in standard APA formatting, both within the body of the paper, and in a clear and corresponding full-citation on a separate references page. 15.0 pts
Exemplary (15%)
Meets all guidelines with no errors

Formatting (10%)
Submission meets length requirement.
Submission is in standard APA formatting (Times New Roman, 12 pt font, double-spaced, 1-inch margins) and includes appropriate headers. 10.0 pts
Exemplary (10%)
Meets all guidelines with no error

Total: 100 points
I just want simple writing don’t complicate too much. Don’t use too many fancy words that only writers used them on their writing.
Thank you!


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