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Law & Society Assignment | Online Assignment

Answer the three questions using the articles provided only, please.

Assignment 2: For assignment two, address each of the following items:

  1. According to Vogt’s article on Durkheim and his sociology of law, what did Durkheim consider some functions of law and punishment? Also, describe the type of society where repressive punishment would be found as well as the type of society where restitutive punishment would be used. (9 points)
  2. According to Barak’s article, why are Wall Street criminals and other white collar crime actors prosecuted and punished less frequently? Explain his position that investment-banking business is an illegal cartel. (8 points)
  3. After reading the article on death penalty reinstatement during the 1930s, discuss in depth some of the factors that contributed to both its abolishment and reinstatement. (8 points)


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