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Journal Article Review Assignment | Online Homework Help

at St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center
Syracuse, N Y
NSG 123
Earned points for the journal article review (also known as Evidence-based practice paper or “EBP” paper) will be counted in the Non- Testing Points
towards the final grade for the course.
The published journal article and the student EBP paper must be submitted electronically to Canvas by the due date.
Grading is based on rubric:
 Article choice & review with faculty (1 points)
 Introduction (2 points)
 Summarization of the article (4 points)
 Recommendations for practice (5 points)
 Conclusion (2 points)
 Format/Style (Grammar, spelling, appearance, length 1-2 pages) (3 points)
 APA format (3 points)
A. All articles from nursing journals must have been written within the last 5 years unless noted as “classic” or pre-approved by clinical
B. All articles must be from a professional nursing journal and written by a nurse (one nurse needed if multiple authors)
C. Must comply with APA format-refer to information presented in clinical seminar, APA manual 6th edition, or websites on our library
D. Plagiarism, copying verbatim any sentence or passage from the nursing journal article without quoting the source, is not acceptable.
(Please refer to “Honor Code” located in the Student Handbook concerning plagiarism).
E. A copy of the nursing journal article must be attached to the EBP paper upon submission; the paper will not be graded if this copy is not
F. There is no opportunity to resubmit a critical review that received a grade of zero. Critical reviews will receive a zero for the following
 Late submission, or no submission during a clinical rotation
 Plagiarism
 Date of journal article older than five years without prior approval from clinical instructor.
St. Joseph’s College of Nursing
Syracuse, NY
Journal Article Review
Grading Rubric for NSG 123
This grading rubric provides you with the criteria for point allocation for each area of the journal review. Your review will be graded according to the rubric. For APA, use the
websites on the library site or the APA 6
th edition manual in the library. Review journal selections with your clinical instructor.
Student: Date of Submission: Total: /20 Faculty:
Criteria Excellent Good Average Unacceptable Total Points
Selection of article for review Reviews selection of journal
article with clinical faculty
member prior to writing critical
journal review.
(At least one author is a
nurse, article within 5
Submitted critical
review without
clinical faculty
1 point 0 points /1 points
Introduction (Clinical
Introduction evident with
clinical significant/relevance
of the topic clearly stated.
Introduction evident
though significance of
topic needs
Introduction is
evident though
vague. Attempts
development of
topic chosen.
No introduction is evident.
2 points 1 point 0.5 points 0 points /2 points
Summarization of the article Summarizes the evidence
correctly, interprets the
significant results, and clearly
articulates the findings in a
concise manner.
Research summarized is
generally clear and
complete. Findings are
generally articulated
clearly though needs
further clarification.
Research summarized
but vague or
Research results
inaccurately interpreted.
Does not summarize
article. Lists unrelated
points from the article that
does not contribute to the
summarization of the
4 points 3 points 2 points 0 points / 4 points
Recommendations for practice
(How will it affect your
Correlates the research findings
with recommendations for
nursing practice as a whole.
Presents detailed and
significant recommendations
Includes nursing
interventions, and
Correlates research
findings with
recommendations for
nursing practice as a
Recommendations are
generally detailed and
significant. Missing key
components or needs
Recommendations are
not detailed and/or
Addresses nursing
interventions, and
rationales though lack
significance to nursing
practice or not clearly
Does not include
recommendations for
practice. Unable to
correlate research findings
with recommendations for
practice. Does not include
assessment, interventions, or
5 points 3 points 2 points 0 points / 5 points
Conclusion Conclusion present. Writer
makes clear conclusive
statements summarizing points
of paper. Conclusion is relevant
to the points in the paper. No
new information presented in
Conclusion present.
Makes conclusive
statements summarizing
points of paper but
statements are not
written in a clear or
concise manner.
Minimal amount of
clarification needed.
Conclusion present but
lacks clarity. New
evidence noted.
Conclusion missing.
2 points 1.5 points 1 points 0 points / 2 points
Format/Style Overall Style is consistent with
that expected of formal,
professional work and 1-2 pages
in length. Writing is clear and
organized. Reader can easily
follow the writer’s ideas.
Written from third person
perspective. There are no
grammar, punctuation, or
spelling errors.
Overall style is
consistent with that
expected of formal
professional work with a
few exceptions. The
writing lacks complete
development. There are
1-3 different grammar,
spelling, or punctuations
Overall style is
adequate for formal.
Professional work;
some areas need style
improvement. Writing
lacks consistent
development. Mostly
written from the first
person perspective.
There are 4-5 different
grammar, spelling, or
punctuation errors.
Overall style is inadequate
for formal, professional
work; writing is unclear,
disorganized, and difficult to
follow. The length of the
paper is less than one full
page. Written completely
from the first person
perspective. Greater than 5
different spelling, grammar,
or punctuation errors.
3 points 1.5 points 1 points 0 points / 3 points
APA (includes spacing,
margins, citations, title
page, indentation, page
numbers, running head,
and reference format)
APA format without any
errors. Source is
appropriately referenced
within the paper.
APA format with no
more than 2 different
errors throughout the
APA format with 3-
4 different errors
throughout the
Incorrect or absent use of
APA format used
throughout the paper.
Did not credit ideas to
appropriate source, and/or
did not use own words.
Plagiarism (see
3 points 2 points 1 point 0 points / 3 points
/20 points


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