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Social Structure and Social Interaction Assignment | Get Paper Help

You’ve learned how important groups, roles, statuses, and social
networks are in the structure of society. In this assignment, you will
complete a short answer activity in which you’ll demonstrate what
you’ve learned by identifying and describing examples from your
own life. Use the Assignment 2 template to complete this
1) Status Set:
a) List five statuses that you currently have.
• Remember: A status is simply a position you
fill in society. It may be a job title, but it could
also include a position you fill within a family
or a community. For more information,
review Section 4.3 in your webtext.
b) Label each status as either ascribed, achieved, or
• Remember: An ascribed status is one you’re
born with and have no control over. An
achieved status is reached through your own
efforts or simply good or bad luck. A master
status is so important that it overrides your
other statuses. For more information, review
Section 4.3 in your webtext.
2) Roles:
a) Choose one status from your list.
b) Describe the role that is associated with the
c) Describe how you learned that role.
• Remember: A role is the behavior expected
of someone with a certain status. For more
information, review Section 4.4 in your
3) Role Conflict:
a) Describe a time when you experienced a conflict because of the
demands of two different roles associated with any of your statuses.
b) How did you resolve the conflict? (Discuss any
conversation or social interactions you had.)
c) List any active listening skills you used to resolve
the conflict. If you didn’t use active listening
skills, then list the skills you could have used to
resolve the conflict.
• Remember: Refer to the active listening
skills checklist in page 2.10 in your webtext.
4) Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:
• Use the Assignment 2 template to complete
this assignment.
• References are not required for this assignment
as you will use your webtext.
• Be sure to include your name and the date on
the cover page.


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