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Exploring Grand and Mid-Range Theory in Nursing Practice Assignment | Essay Help Services

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Often the lines are blurred between grand and mid-range theories. Leininger, for example, is considered to be both a grand and a mid-range theorist, depending on the opinions of those who are reviewing her theory. Mid-range theories tend to focus on specific practical concerns of nurses in particular settings and do not encompass nursing as a discipline. Having a more limited scope than grand nursing theories, their relationship with specific aspects of practice, can be seen as a bridge between grand theory and nursing practice.

  1. Summarize either Leininger’s or Swanson’s nursing theory. Provide an example of how this theory can be applied to practice.
  2. Review a mid-range theory that has relevance to your own practice. Discuss how it informs or is reflected in your work environment. Consider the origins of this theory and how it has been implemented in current practice.
  3. As a master’s prepared nurse, how would you initiate the use of your selected theory in your practice setting? As a nurse leader, how would you assist others in seeing the benefit of applying your selected theory in the practice setting?
  4. Read each of your colleagues’ postings.
  5. Respond to your colleagues following the criteria found in the MSN Academic Information and Policies section of the MSN Handbook.
  6. Respond to your colleagues following the criteria found in the MSN Academic Information and Policies section of the MSN Handbook. The grading rubric defining criteria for a 5-point post versus a 1-point post is also located in the same section of the MSN Handbook, as well as in Appendix A in the course files. (NOTE: If you did not receive a feedback post by Day 6 at 11:59 pm CST and are unable to post a response post, you may submit another feedback post to a peer so that you have a total of at least 3 posts in each discussion.)


This week you will take a look at both grand and mid-range theories. You will be summarizing either Leininger’s or Swanson’s theory and providing an example of application of the chosen theory in your practice. You will also illustrate how grand and mid-range theories influence, have been implemented, or are reflected in your work environment/ practice and defend the benefit of applying your selected theory in your practice setting.
Remember, Leininger’s theory is sometimes classified as a mid-range theory and sometimes a grand theory. Please watch the video of Leininger within your Canvas course. Grand theories, such as Leininger’s, are also viewed as conceptual models. They are built on basic beliefs, and they shed light on the intertwining of theory and practice.
Mid-range theories typically encompass fewer concepts and variables, and tend to focus on ideas related to specific areas of practice. As such, mid-range theories have a strong relationship with research and they also serve to link theory to clinically-based nursing practice What do you see in the theories that is relevant to your nursing practice?

  1. My practice (Utilization Quality Review Case Manager Nurse)
  2. 4 References less than 5 years old. Use one of the text book references: Smith, Parker or O’Brien



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