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Museums as Flagships of Urban Development Assignment | Online Assignment

Chris Hamnett and Noam Shoval. “Museums as Flagships of Urban Development.” In Lyly M. Hoffmann, Susan S. Fainstein and Dennis R. Judd, eds. Cities and Visitors: Regulating People, Markets and City Space. London: Blackwell, 2003, p 219-236.

Identify title, author, date, context, other relevant information about the
• Understand the main topic of the text
• Select the principal points that the author is making
• Use an “introduction-development-conclusion” structure
• Comment on style, way of writing, and other formal aspects of the text
• Use quotes when/if necessary, locate them in the text
• Bring your own point of view/interpretation and explain
• Length should be 1 page, extending to a second if needed



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