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Field Research Assignment | Custom Essay Services

Gun control, talk about mass shootings, include an interview with someone that has good knowledge about gun control. present a possible solution to gun control. This is a field research essay. The following is a guideline of how to write the essay:

Present the problem that you are writing about and researching.
What is it? What do you know about it? Why is it relevant and
important to you and your readers? (Approximately 2 pages


  • Present your view argument, “solution,” or questions – in other words,
    inform the readers of the goal(s) of your essay. (Usually a paragraph
    or so.)
    Note: Until you’ve done field research, asking questions about the
    problem and seeking answers is the most realistic goal. After you’ve
    completed your field research, you can present an argument (thesis) or
    a “solution” you’d like to support or explore.
  • Present your field research and analyze its relevance to your questions,
    argument or “solution.”
    This will be the longest and most detailed part of the essa



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