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Evidence-based Case for Implementing a New Policy, or Modifying a Current one, and to Advocate for it Assignment | Online Homework Help

In activity 3, you are asked to review a starter kit of public and private sector entities involved in various types of policy related activities and to identify those which can be helpful to you in building your evidence based case for the policy change you want and to advocate for it. Keep in mind that the set of public and private entities in the module really is a starter kit to trigger your thinking about the range of resources that could be helpful you. Depending on your policy issue, some or most of these resources may not be of use to you, and you will need to be creative in sleuthing for other resources that will and to use those in answering the bulleted questions below for activity 4.
In activity 4, you are asked to answer a set of bulleted questions, crafting your answers in reference to the set of public and/or private entities you identified in activity 3. If you identify additional public and private sector entities not listed in the starter kit in activity 3, feel free to include them in your answers to the bulleted questions in activity 4.

The bulleted questions you should be ready to answer are:
• Why did you choose the particular agencies, organizations, and/or associations?
• How do you see yourself working with them?
• What skills would you need to best work with them?
• What barriers/difficulties do you anticipate encountering and what is your game plan for dealing with them?
• How will these resources help you to make your pitch, deciding who to pitch to, and what alternatives to formulate?
• How will they help you get your background data to formulate your pitch?


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