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Religion in today’s society Assignment | Top Essay Writing

Sometimes the dominant religion in a culture seems to interweave seamlessly with that culture, such that the religious beliefs, rituals, and institutions are reflected and supported in the culture’s laws. One can imagine a theoretical world in which the religious and public life of individuals and their community exist in balance, free of conflict. In the modern world, the beliefs, rituals, and institutions of a given religion often contrast sharply with the codified expectations of the surrounding, globalized culture. When contrasts become apparent, those in positions of religious authority have important things to consider and decisions to make with regard to the tradition’s influence on contemporary issues. What is acceptable or at least allowable? What should be allowable? In this Competency, you will examine world religions through the lens of ethics, sexuality, and politics and explore how modernism and multiculturalism continue to shape the influence of religion in today’s society.
For this Performance Task Assessment, you will analyze the influence of a religious tradition on a contemporary social issue through the lens of one of the themes from this Competency’s resources (i.e. ethics, sexuality, and politics).
Submission Length: 3 -pages paper
Competency Statement: Analyze the influence of religion on contemporary social issues.
Type of Assessment: Performance Task


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