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Personal Leadership Assignment | Custom Essay Help

Personal Leadership Development Action Plan.
For this portfolio entry you will review the portfolio parts you have already created and examine and define pathways to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be given what you have researched and thought about in the earlier parts of this assessment (I will Provide Once I receive them)

To do this you will do your own independent research, and review your own leadership experience. Your finished paper will be 4 pages long (not including the cover page or reference page, and attachments) presented in APA (6th edition) format and will become the final item in your portfolio.

Your paper should discuss at a minimum:

1.Your leadership aspirations and goals, including what you are passionate about that will drive you and motivate you.

2. Your vision of yourself as a leader now and in the future,

3. How you will prepare to meet the present and future needs of the field you identified, including how you will strengthen your weaknesses and develop the competencies and skills you identified earlier in your portfolio work.

4. Objectives that you identify that break down the steps you will take to accomplish the above.

5. A timeline including activities and completion dates to track your progress


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