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Role of Religion and gods.

The film documentary assigned for this week’s watching, Come Together, Ancient Worlds, 1 (BBC Worldwide, 2010), recaps many of the important civilisations, objects and issues we have already encountered in the lectures so far and will be useful revision for you.
This Homework quiz is designed to make you watch the documentary carefully and to think about the information it provides on one of the themes we have discussed – the use of religion within early cultures.
Question: The documentary gives several examples of the different roles that religion and the gods played in early cultures. Identify TWO of these examples and explain how they functioned remembering to include who, where and when they come from.
Write an answer below of between 200 (minimum) and 400 (maximum) words. Use your own words (do not quote from the documentary) and write a few paragraphs in answer using grammatically correct sentences.


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