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Industrial Revolution Assignment | Online Assignment Help

Technological Revolutions

Do you agree with the assertion that we are now living in a third great technological transformation called the Knowledge Revolution? Have computers truly changed our lives so much that we can call this a revolution like the Industrial Revolution of the 18th century?

The challenge of this question is that unless we know something about the earlier “revolutions”, Agricultural 10,000 years ago and Industrial 300 years ago, we aren’t in a place to make comparisons so you may need to have a little reading.  Unfortunately Americans seem to have a tendency to feel that the “last great thing” is the greatest thing.  We get very impressed with the “latest” technology.  Nothing wrong with that unless it distorts your vision of what is really important in technology.  You can’t answer this question off the top of your head.  You must know something about the Agricultural Revolution and the Industrial Revolution if you hope to respond constructively to the question.


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