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Digital Technologies

With the introduction of computer-generated animated films (CGI), there has been much discussion of the impact on the movie industry. For example, illustrators need to have different skill sets. Have story lines and musical scores changed in these films? What impact does the emphasis on special effects have on plot and character development?

We tend to think that technology does not affect the quality of art.  Just must make it better…isn’t that what technology is supposed to do?  We also have a blind spot in our self-focus assuming that our “new” technology is the “best” technology. ..much better at least than “older” technologies.   These are assumptions we need to examine.

If you have a big appetite for movies and see a lot of them, it will help you in this question. To answer effectively you’ll need to know something about animation before computer generation.  Ever see the Disney film Snow White(1937)?   The 1933 Frankenstein?

This question is really about the aesthetics of film, a perspective most of us don’t explicitly use in evaluating film for our friends (you’ll need to know what aesthetics is).  But this question is about the quality of film and the effects of technology on it.  To handle this effectively we need to think about the elements of what makes a film.  Try these web sites for some background:


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