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Multimedia Networking Principles

Homework Assignment #2

Problem 1

Suppose eight characters have the distributions as the following: A:(1), B:(1), C:(1), D:(2). E:(3),

F:(5), G:(5), H:(10). Draw a Huffman coding tree for this distribution and calculate the average

number of bits for a character.

Problem 2

Obtain a MPEG-2 trace from the Internet. Find out the actual size of I-, P-, and B-frames from

the trace. You then need to report the maximum, average and minimum sizes of all three types of


Problem 3

  1. How to compute motion vectors? Please do a self-study on three(3) kinds of search algorithms

and analyze their expected performance.

  1. Perform a self-study on the latest development of ITU H.265. Explain the major technology

improvement from H.264.


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