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Topic: Parthenon

Paper details:

Research your approved topic and outline what sort of cultural events, movements, beliefs, and social and/or historical circumstances shaped the expression you’re examining. You’ll then use your research to answer the following questions, and make sure your answers are thorough, in complete sentences, and fully demonstrate how you’ll use the information you’ve uncovered in your research: Describe any significant context that impacted/impacts the topic you’re researching. How is this topic shaped by the context you’ve listed above (does it attempt to illuminate, refute, respond to, or reform because of this context)? Explain any details or data that have brought you to this conclusion. How does this topic appeal to people at the time in which it was created? Does this topic still appeal to people now? Why/Why not? List 2-6 sources you used for your report (sources must be reputable and in MLA citation format). If you’re unsure whether or not a source is reputable, please feel free to run it by me. You’ll need to upload an electronic copy of your progress report to the appropriate dropbox by the due date. I will give you feedback on your report, and I will also suggest additional areas of research


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