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Nutrition/Dietary Essay | Online Homework Help

Complete the following and submit via the Journal in your Learning Unit by Sunday midnight of week 9. For full credit (20 points) be sure to complete the activity correctly, completely, and with adequate detail.

1. Develop a one-day menu that would be appropriate for someone who has type 2 diabetes. Considerations:
• 3 meals with ~45-60 carbs per meal
• 2 snacks with ~15-30 carbs per snack
2. In general, what type of education would you provide to someone with type 2 diabetes? What information would you cover and why?
3. If your client has an average HgA1c of 12, what would you tell them about their current blood sugars and how it will impact their future health? Your information and education needs to be both honest and empathetic!
4. Discuss one diabetes medication and when this would be most appropriate to take (think pathophysiology and what is not working correctly with your client/patient). If your clients was taking this medication what type of nutrition education would you provide to them?


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