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Vertical axis solar tracker Assignment | College Homework Help

Vertical axis solar tracker

The article should follow these sections:
• Abstract (no more than 300 Words)
• Table of contents
• List of tables (minimum one table)
• List of figures
• Abbreviations
• Chapter 1 (Introduction)
• Chapter 2 (Literature review)
• Conclusion
• Reference (Must be APA Format and with number in the text)
Note: The project must be follow these instructions:
1. Minimum 6000 words. (The number of words counted from Abstract to the end of Conclusion)
2. Font size must be 12.
3. Double-spacing.
4. Paragraphs must be Justified.
5. Page number must be included.
6. The plagiarism must be less than 20%.
❖ Each student must write the article according to the assigned topic.
❖ The deadline of project is on 22/06/2020 at 17:00 (North Cyprus Time zone), (Students will lose 20% of total marks for each day of late submission)


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