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“The Battle of Belarus” Assignment | Get Homework Help

Featured: Acting for Freedom “The Battle of Belarus” https://www.cennarium.com/show/acting-freedom-battle-belarus-free-theatre/

A big part of this class is for you to watch 2 professional theatrical performances during this semester and to write a production paper on them. Below is information on how to write the production papers and when they are due. For further information, continue to refer to the Week #2 module. I have also copied a Paper Outline below, which can be extremely useful for you, so use it.

Paper Requirements:

Papers must be turned in before the last day of class. You can submit them through the link in Assignments.
Below is a paper outline you should use as a guideline.
Papers must be 12 pt. Times, double spaced format.
Papers should be at least 2-3 pages long and in the 5 paragraph format outlined below.
The paper is a review/critique of a play you saw, so look at examples of reviews and critiques to use as a guideline.
Aspects of the performance you should be commenting on are the text, story, particular actor performances, costumes, lighting, set design, music…anything else you want.
Give your opinion, possibly what you would do different if you didn’t like it and whether or not you recommend this show for people to see.
Do not just write, “I liked it” or “The acting was good”. Break it down…what was good about it? Why did you like it? Be specific and mention what the costumes looked like and why you think the designer made those choices and same thing with the other designers and their designs.
When writing about the actors, use their real names from the credits to talk about the choices they made in creating their characters.
Italicize the title of the play in your paper and make sure to mention what theatre or t company produced this particular production of it.
Write your paper in this provided space or upload it, but keep formatting.

Paper Outline:

I. Introduction

-Includes opening paragraph introducing play and production you will be discussing.

-Includes your point of view and opinion.

-Brief synopsis of plot/story, like 2-3 sentences.

II. Supporting Paragraph #1 (Design Elements):

Focus on 2 or 3 design elements, like costumes, props, sound, set, lights and how they support or don’t support the play or the director’s vision. Describe the elements and discuss perhaps why they were the way they were and if it worked for you. Elaborate on what you saw and analyze its effect on the show.

III. Supporting Paragraph #2 (Acting):

Focus on 2 or 3 actors and discuss their performance. Describe what worked or what didn’t work for you and the choices these actors made in creating their characters. Use the actor’s names when discussing their performance because it is their acting choices you are critiquing, not the character’s.

IV. Supporting Paragraph #3 (Direction/ Playwriting):

Focus on what you think the director’s vision was and whether it works or not. Or elements of the story/writing. Lots of room here.

V. Conclusion:


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