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Topic: Field/Video Experience Observation

Paper details:

Go to the following website: Choose a video to watch. It MUST be from the subject and topic: LITERACY & ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS Grade Level MUST be from 5-12 grades. You can choose the “framework” of your liking. In your paper indicate the following: Content area and Title of the video: ATLAS video#: The grade level category for this observation (check only one): ☐ Grades 5-6 ☐ Grades 7-9 ☐ Grades 10-12 ☐ Special Education 7-9 ☐ Special Education 10-12 *** You are a potential future teacher and you are observing and watching this video to learn, adapt and apply in your own future classrooms. Answer the questions accordingly. *** Then answer the following questions completely and detailed. 1. Why did you select this video? What do you hope to learn (as a future teacher)? (Answer in complete sentences) 2. What did you learn from watching the video? (Answer in at least 1 complete paragraph minimum. Make specific reference to a time marker in the video and make sure that any reference you make is one that is not shown in the instructional context area) 3. How can you apply what you learned in your own classroom (as a future teacher)? (Answer should be 1 complete paragraph minimum) NO OUTSIDE SOURCES. ONLY refer to video


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