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Justice report Assignment | College Homework Help

Using Vitale’s arguments from The End of Policing as well as findings from the Department of Justice reports on the Ferguson and Chicago police departments and the material from Crime + Punishment on the NYPD and the quota system/broken windows policing, construct an argument in favor of abolition of policing as it currently exists.

While you should refer to the DOJ reports and Crime + Punishment, the Vitale reading should be the main source in your response and you should cite to issues that he raises with policing of various social issues (you should refer to your own assigned chapter and points raised by some of the other groups) and the limits of police reform and alternatives (as discussed in Chapter 1, the Conclusion, and throughout the other chapter assignments).

Responses will be graded based on:

(1) Development of a thorough argument

(2) Incorporation of all of the above sources into their argument

(3) Use of evidence to support assertions

(4) Organization of response

Responses should refer to the sources, but formal APA citations are not required. Responses should NOT include direct quotes from the sources.


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