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Role-play Assignment | Get Paper Help

*** Looking for someone that will be patient and will allow me to provide certain info such as colleague’s role play video.

Submit a 4- to 5-page paper. In your paper, address the following:

  • Reflect on your experience in doing the role-play video.
  • Describe insights you gained from the experience and explain how these insights affect your approach to practice.
  • Describe the challenges you experienced in planning and executing the role-play scenario and explain how you overcame them.
    • Focus on insights and challenges related to demonstrating skills and engaging as a professional social worker, not on technical aspects of role-playing or recording the scene.
  • Describe the specific engagement techniques/skills you used and analyze why you used them.
  • Describe the colleague’s role-play video you selected.
  • Assess what your colleague did well in the video you selected and recommend areas for improvement in your colleague’s approach.

Support your Assignment with specific references to the Resources. Be sure to provide full APA citations for your references.

Role-Play Title:

  1. Agency Setting and Services Provided at Agency:BJM Social Services is an agency providing social services such as counselling and mental-health services. The agency is located inFlorida.
  2. Client Profile (demographic details, practicelevel): Eddy is a male African-Americanwho is 33 years. He is from Florida and is married.
  3. Presenting Concern:the client was brought in by the family with the problem being that he had become suicidal and attempted to take his life three times.
  4. Scene Description from the Client Session:during the session which I requested to do alone with the client, he explained how marriage has taken a toll of him. His wife accorded him no respect. The parents see him as the only failure amongst their children. Currently, he has lost his job and hence the problems with the wife are unbearable.
  5. Practice Skills or Behaviors Demonstrated in Role-Play:Interviewing skills, patience, good communication.
Audio (dialogue)Video (client and social worker visual cues)Social worker practice skills and or behavior
This column should include a verbatim script of the dialogue between the social worker (you) and the client.


Social Worker: Hello, Eboni.It is nice to see you. What brings you to the agency today?

Eboni: I think I have made a decision about my pregnancy, but I don’t know how to tell my parents and my boyfriend.

This column should describe the non-verbal communication in the interaction.


The social worker smiles and gestures for Eboni to sit down in the empty chair across from the social worker’s desk.

Eboni slowly pulls back the chair, sits down, and then looks at the floor.

This column should include the skills you are employing to respond to the material arising in the first two columns.


Open-ended question


Social worker: Hello Eddie and Welcome to BJM Social Services Agency. You are here to complete an assessment with me today and upon conclusion of the assessment I can refer you to any  services you may need. Now our sessions will always be confidential. However, as a mandated reporter I would have to report if you are a danger to yourself and others. Do you have any questions about anything I just said?

Eddy: No.

Social Worker: Ok! How can we help you today?

Eddy: well, I have many problems but I am not ready to talk about them. Anyway, since we are here, I will say that I have family problems which have made me feel worthless. That’s it.

The social worker stretches the hand to Eddy for greetings while smiling while showing him to sit.

Eddy sits down and held his hands together.


Open-ended question

Social Worker: Ok Mr. Eddy. We are here to explore this together. What really happened?

Eddy: It all started when my wife was promoted at work. She now had a higher salary than I did. She was cold towards me and started treating me bad. She started throwing insults at me that am not a man and I should man up.

Extend arm on the client shoulder for assurance.

Eddy looks at the social worker.

Eddy starts to shed tears

Open-ended question

Active listening

Social worker: it’s ok Eddy. I’m so sorry for that. So, what happened next?

Eddy: the problems became too much for me. My wife was now unbearable. She could disrespect me in front of the children. I decided to ignore everything. However, even the children started treating me differently. They were now cold towards me. I don’t know what they knew about me that made them change.

Looks at Eddy in the eyes with empathy


Shedding tears


Open-ended question

Active listening

Social worker: I’m so sorry for that. Did you try to resolve this problem with your wife?

Eddy: yes, I did. Several times I tried to talk to her. One day she told me that I was not a man but a woman. She was so harsh that I felt my self-esteem go down. She continued to insult me each time I tried to talk to her. Later on, I decided to talk to my parents. I presented them with my problem knowing they will help me to overcome it.

Maintaining eye contact.

Cries more and looks down.

Open-ended question

Active listening

Social worker: Calm down Eddy. Of course, you are a man and money cannot be used to define who you are. What happened next?

Eddy: My parents made me feel worse. I even regret I talked to them about my problem. My dad was specific that I took a course that could not help me. He said that he was sure I will continue to earn less and my wife will finally become the man of the house. My mother on the other hand was not supportive. She told me to handle my issues because I’m a grown up. I felt rejected by my parents, belittled by my wife and my self esteem went down.

Smiling and nodding

All along in tears

Open-ended question

Active listening

Social worker: What did you do after having that feeling of low self-esteem? Was there any support you got from friends?

Eddy: to be sincere, no. I continued to be alone. I started to drink and it became too addicting that I lost my job due to poor performance. That is where my wife started throwing hurting words everyday. She knew I didn’t have the money now. That is where I gave up on everything and decided to kill myself. I first took some drugs. I was taken to the hospital and they saved me. Secondly, I decided to hang myself but my wife came on time and saved me. On the third occasion I tried to jump from our balcony. It didn’t work too because our neighbors saw me.  That is why today my wife and parents decided to bring me here.

Maintaining eye contact with Eddy.

Eddy looking down

Open-ended question

Active listening

Social worker: I’m so sorry for all that you have experienced However, people do not define what you are. It is what you feel that defines you. People will always find fault in what you do. Try not to let that get you down so you can maintain your self-esteem. It is hard to have a partner who looks down on you, but you should get help from professionals. I will see you in the next session.Looking at EddyEmpathy


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