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Nursing Theory or Feminist Perspective to Guide Clinical Practice Assignment | Professional Essay Writers

Journal Entry 1

Practicum is an important training requirement for healthcare students to gain exposure to clinical practice in order to apply the skills and knowledge gained in theory. It is important for nursing students to gain real-life situations by handling patients as per the learned skills including disease progression, assessment, treatment and promotion of healing based on compassionate care. Practicing in healthcare requires the use of specific theories to guide in providing care to patients particularly women in need of care to recover from the disease. This paper aims at providing entry of the practicum week using Watson’s theory of human caring to guide the practice as per previous experience during training.

Nursing Theory or Feminist Perspective to Guide Clinical Practice

The nursing theory selected for application is Watson’s theory of human caring which was developed in 1997. This theory emphasizes the importance of effective interpersonal relationships between a nurse and a patient in order to promote healing. This theory is effective in promoting the healing of a patient through coping strategies initiated by a nurse with the involvement of the patient. Watson (1997), outlined the importance of coming together with the patient to understand their needs and staying close to them by sharing previous experiences on how they can cope with the illness. The process of creating a supportive healing environment for the patient according to Watson cannot separate a patient from their environment, mind and spirit. As such, an effective interpersonal relationship with the patient allows the nurse to obtain mental, physical, and spiritual issues suffered by the patient and, after that, recognize individual capabilities to cope with the condition while receiving treatment (Foss-Durant, 2015).

Goals and Objectives for the Practicum

The goals and objectives for the practicum in this journal entry are to determine how to assist women patients receiving treatment for breast cancer to cope with their illness and prevent the development of psychological effects using the human caring theory that emphasizes in creating a supportive environment based on the patient’s experiences. It also includes the application of the human caring theory in women suffering from renal failure to enhance the quality of life and coping with the condition. This theory allows patients to develop new meaning in life and face illnesses with determination without depression and anxiety. Renal failure causes pain and suffering which requires support to the patient by healthcare providers to enhance psychological wellbeing.

Breast cancer is one of the leading cancers diagnosed in women and it causes high rates of mortalities and severe pain. Patients with breast cancer receiving treatment such as chemotherapy and surgical procedures to remove the affected breast are at risk of developing depression. The human caring theory is applied by creating a supportive environment to the patient and showing love, kindness and compassion to the patient to allow them to cope with the condition. Patients are allowed to share their perspective on the type of caring environment they need during treatment and encouraging their families to stay close for easy recovery (Aktürk&Erci, 2018).

Additionally, renal failure cause pain and suffering when a patient is required to undergo treatment such as regular hemodialysis that can also cause pain due to muscle cramping. The human caring theory allows for the creation of a supportive environment for the patient to manage pain and adhere to treatment plans knowing that they have appropriate support. This helps in preventing depression which can increase suffering (Stavropoulou et al., 2017).

In conclusion, the practicum is an important training session for students to practice in real-life situations and achieve the expected outcomes of competent nursing professionals. The use of nursing theories such as human caring theory facilitates better interactions and a supportive healing environment for chronic disease patients that enhance treatment satisfaction and overall quality of life.

Journal Entry week 1

As a future advanced practice nurse, it is important that you are able to connect your classroom experience to your Practicum Experience. By applying the concepts, you study in the classroom to clinical settings, you enhance your professional competency. Each week you complete an Assignment such as Journal Entries or SOAP Notes that prompts you to reflect on your Practicum Experiences and relate them to the material presented in the classroom. This week you begin documenting your Practicum Experiences in your Practicum Journal.

To prepare for this course’s Practicum Experience, address the following in your Practicum



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Watson, J. (1997). WATSON’S PHILOSOPHY AND SCIENCE OF CARING. Retrieved from https://nursing-theory.org/theories-and-models/watson-philosophy-and-science-of-caring.ph

  • Select and explain a nursing theory or feminist perspective to guide your clinical practice.
  • Develop goals and objectives for the Practicum Experience in this course.When developing your goals and objectives, be sure to keep women’s health guidelines and best practices in mind.
  • Create a timeline of practicum activities based on your practicum requirements

I need this paper to be written in APA 7 format, I also need two pages, with 5 resources from evidence based articles written within the last 5 years


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