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Beowulf Assignment | College Homework Help

1) Briefly describe your idea of a hero/heroine and their most important qualities. You may list the qualities. Include some examples of heroes or heroines with these qualities.

2) After viewing the video of Pat Soloman’s TED talk, the summary and the graphic organizer, write one paragraph answering these questions:

  • What are the most important elements of the hero’s journey? What did you find most significant or interesting about the hero’s journey? What examples of heroes and what details are memorable?
  • How does the idea of the hero’s journey connect to your own life? (use Campbell’s words and the Stages of the Hero’s Journey pdf)
Beowulf text.pdf


Read pages 28-44 of the Beowulf pdf.  Then, answer these questions in a few sentences. Note: when you refer to the story’s title, make sure you italicize it as Beowulf, but when you refer to the character, you don’t. You may include brief quotations and line numbers in your answers.

1) While reading Beowulf, find examples of the Old English poetic techniques defined on page 28 and 30: stock epithets, kennings, and alliteration.  Share ONE example of each technique that you find in Beowulf.

2) On page 33-34, we are introduced to the main conflict and to the character of Grendel, a monster. Analyze this conflict and the characters–what does it seem to really be about?

3) What kind of a king is Hrothgar? (pages 34-36: lines 44-109)

4) Read “Characteristics of an Epic” (pages 28-29) which points out that the epic hero possesses traits associated with his culture. What traits does Beowulf have that make him an epic hero? (see pages 36-39  lines 109-232)

5) How does Beowulf respond to the call to adventure? (read the materials on The Hero’s Journey to understand this aspect of the journey)

6) Pages 40-44 describe Beowulf’s battle with Grendel. What do we learn about Beowulf from this battle? How does he succeed in killing Grendel?

  1. The last half of Beowulf describes two more battles he faces at different times in his life.What distinguishes each battle? How is Beowulf’s last battle with the dragon similar or different?
  2. With your knowledge of the hero’s journey,briefly describe how Beowulf takes this journey. Include specific details from the story that relate to particular stages in the journey. It would be too much to describe each stage, so just focus on key moments.


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