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Effects of online schooling Assignment | Professional Writing Services

This semester, the focus is for you to conduct a small qualitative research project related to a theme or issue in international or community development, social justice, and/or social life. You are tasked with designing a small (think small, and then divide by 4) pilot study that can be accomplished through interviewing your friends and/or family. You will situate your inquiry in a particular social or institutional context and ask a focused research question by conducting 2-3 individual interviews (over Zoom) and collecting/analyzing at least one additional primary source (several hours of participant-observation in an online setting, analysis of a website or social media thread, etc).

Please submit a 2-3 page qualitative research proposal draft.  Research Questions/Research Purposes/Ethical Issues/Interview Topics/Sample/Interview Guide. Your draft research proposal should be based on your topic as stated below:

How do parents of preschool, kindergarten and elementary students perceive the effects of online schooling during the COVID-19 pandemic on their professional, emotional, and family lives?


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