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Adopting an agile approach Assignment | Get Homework Help

The discussion activity provides you with an opportunity to do the following:

Recognize some of the challenges for adopting and scaling with a lean-agile approach.
Discuss challenges for increasing organization agility and challenges for scaling the enterprise with enterprise transformations and frameworks.
Your initial response and the comments have different due dates. The initial response is due earlier in the module. Please find the due date in the Course Summary section of the Syllabus. Please refer to the Discussion Guideline in 1.4.4 Discussion to complete the activity.

Discussion Prompt
Challenges for Adopting and Scaling the Enterprise with a Lean-Agile Approach
Provide a comprehensive response to one of the following questions.

What challenges do you recognize for adopting an agile approach?
What challenges do you recognize for scaling an agile approach?
What challenges do you recognize for increasing an organization’s agility?
What challenges do you recognize for enterprise transformations and/or use of enterprise lean-agile frameworks?


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