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Quantitative analysis Assignment | Custom Essay Help

You will read news articles, watch videos, explore data, research additional information, analyze the the issue with an overview and then explore in depth at least two specific issues relative to the problem identified in the assignment name. Although there are several issues listed, they tie together to give you a range of topics to address.

The goal in this assignment is for you to think critically about a range of factors relative to the prime topic of this assignment. Please avoid “fluff” writing instead employing “concise” business writing.

There are resources linked in ilearn that are REQUIRED watching/reading but you are also encouraged to look at outside resources that will enrich your writing on this assignment. Please link to any outside resources both in-text and in the reference list of your writing.

READ the directions and then PRESENT your findings and thoughts in a well written post of 400-600 words including at least FIVE distinct and unrelated cited sources to support your comments. Distinct and unrelated means if you are on one website, you cannot use different pages of that same website as separate sources.

You will include statistics and other quantitative analysis to provide evidence of your views. This is more than just providing numbers, you are required to compare, contrast, understand and interpret the numbers as they apply to the social issue of the week.

Grading criteria includes:

Describes the main elements of the social issue and supports explanation with clear and relevant examples using reputable research for all non-commonly known information.
Provides in-depth analysis that demonstrates complete understanding of concepts.
All of the course concepts are correctly applied.
Draws informed conclusions that are thoroughly defended with evidence and examples.
Effectively incorporates a range of mainstream and reputable resources that reflect depth and breadth of research.
Submission must be free of errors related to citations, grammar, spelling, syntax, and organization and is presented in a professional and easy-to-read format.
To meet the College of Business graduation requirement to “Demonstrate competence in quantitative reasoning” you are required to “Analyze data using quantitative tools to support business analysis” and “Use data to support or oppose a stance in writing or orally.”

In the Social Issue assignment, you are required to locate and include data from sources as well as analyze the data using your own interpretation of what the data means in support of your stance in the case analysis. Failure to do so will negatively impact your grade.


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