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Create a behavioral plan Assignment | Top Essay Writing

The task is to create a behavioral plan on the disruptive student. The steps and what should be included is listed below

1. Literature Review- this is 1-2 page review of empirical support for your proposed intervention.  It should be a literature review.  I  The literature review is a REQUIRED.

2. Identifying Information/Background Information:  You are given some background information about the child. Please DO NOT cut and paste this into your paper.  Summarize the information and include only the details that support your hypotheses and functional assessment.  I want to see that you can select and summarize relevant information from what you are given.

3. Target Behavior

4. Behavioral Assessment- include your data in charts, graphs and summaries

5. Functional Analysis- be sure to clearly state your hypothesis as to the function of the child’s behavior.  This is key to developing an appropriate intervention.

6. Behavior Intervention Plan/Proposed Intervention- be specific.  What exactly will be done to address the target behavior

7. Evaluation

8. Maintainence/Generalization

9.Ethical Considerations


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