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Brand’s target market Assignment | Professional Writing Services

1. Identify your brand.(The Red Collection)
2. Conduct market segmentation and targeting for your brand – Segment the brand’s market into at least 3 different categories (list actual segmentation examples and make sure you identify both the segmentation dimension and variable you are using! You must use 3 different segmentation dimensions.) and identify the target market from your market segmentation.
While there are no restrictions, you are welcome to use the table below:
Dimension (variable) Dimension (variable) Dimension (variable)

3. Describe the brand’s target market’s characteristics you identified above. What are the most outstanding trends/characteristics of the brand’s target market? List at least 2 examples and include your explanation.
4. As the Marketing Director, which additional emerging market would you target to increase demand? List at least 2 new target markets and briefly explain why.
5. As the Marketing Director, what type of marketing strategies would you implement to attract those 2 new target markets (from Q4)? List at least 2 examples and briefly explain why.
6. Reference list


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