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Language Development in Children Assignment | Professional Writing Services

Through the completion of this assignment, students will:
Describe observed play activities of toddler and/or preschool-age children.
Identify and apply developmental milestones to observed play activities.

Observe a toddler or preschool-age(3 years) child while playing in a familiar environment, either at home or in a day care or preschool setting. Do not record the child or use his/her name (or any other identifying information in this project). Take note of the child’s age in months.

Observe the child playing for a minimum of 30 minutes. Take notes during the observation or immediately after the observation. Be prepared to address items #1-5 below.

Write up observations in a 2 page paper, addressing all items listed below.

Submit the typed, double-spaced observation through Turn It In on Blackboard by the designated deadline. Be sure to include a heading with name, date, and the assignment. A grading rubric is attached to guide your writeup.

All papers are due by class time on the deadline. Late assignments will lose 10% for each day late.

Address each of these five items in your observation writeup.
Before observing the session, what developmental milestones do you expect to observe in a child of this age? (Base this on the child’s age and what you learned/know about development, play, and language.)

Describe the activity/activities. (Including, but not limited to, age of the child, people involved*, toys/materials, what children and adults did, how long the session was.) *Note that you don’t need to use actual names. Initials or pseudonyms will suffice.

Apply the Carol Westby Play Scale and identify the child’s play stage. Explain the child’s play stage; provide examples. Do you recommend Speech-Language Pathology Services?

5) Consider your observations and recommend two play activities (different than what
you observed the child doing during the session) that would promote his/her
development in two domains. Explain why you chose this activity.

Class Discussion Points
Be prepared to participate in a classroom discussion considering the following:
Relate observations to past course learning and upcoming future work/interests.
Consider another domain of development and evidence of skill in this area, as well as, its use for furthering play.


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