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For this assignment I would like you to select a set of tasks associated with a man machine system to analyze. The tasks must require a significant amount of team interaction as well as clear possibility for human error propagation through the different levels of the HFACS model discussed . Select 1-2 tasks and perform the following:

Team Performance Analysis

DESCRIBE examples of required task/team competencies, including:
Context driven
Task contingent
Team contingent
Please address all competencies. Here is an example to illustrate the level of detail I am looking for: A task contingent skill required for me to effectively teach is the ability to clearly communicate and explain the material at a level that different expertise levels can understand. Regardless of whether I am teaching my online students who typically have more professional experience, or my on campus students who are fresh out of college, I have to have these skills to teach to different audiences.

DESCRIBE examples of required team competencies, including:
Mutual Performance Monitoring
Backup Behavior
Team Orientation
Shared Mental Models
Closed Loop Communications
Mutual Trust
Share Situation Awareness
Transactive memory

Human Error Analysis

DESCRIBE 3 potential errors that could occur in your task, including:
Please address all error categories. Here is an example to illustrate the level of detail I am looking for: When driving to work in the morning, a Slip I could make would be accidentally turning on the windshield wipers when I went to turn on my turn signal. A Lapse I could make would be inadvertently taking the turn towards Dunkin Donuts instead of towards campus. A mistake I could make would be taking a route where the traffic can sometimes be bad or sometimes be really fast, and running into traffic that makes me late.

DESCRIBE examples of each of the following from the HFACS:
Decision Error
Skill-based Error
Perceptual Errors
Routine violation
Exceptional violation
Adverse mental state
Adverse physiological state
Physical/mental limitations
Crew resource mismanagement
Personal readiness
Inadequate supervision
Planning inappropriate operations
Failure to correct problem
Supervisory violation
Resource management
Organizational climate
Organizational processes
Please address all categories. Here is an example to illustrate the level of detail I am looking for: A person is playing in a basketball league and typically makes several skill-based errors when playing, including missed free throw shots, bad passes, and walking violations. Several factors contribute to these errors including adverse mental states (the person participates in games after a long day of work and is mentally exhausted), physical limitations (the person is naturally not an athletic or coordinated person). Further, there is inadequate supervision from the coach as he does not provide the drills in practice necessary to work on these skills and the organizational climate as the league really focuses on honing the skills of the top and very talented players and does not encourage coaches to work on skill remediation of low performing players.

Also, please explicitly organize your responses by the above numbered requirements so I know which items are being addressed at each point in your assignment. It can be difficult for me to determine if you are meeting all assignment requirements if several pages of response are turned in without a numbering or section scheme.


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