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  • Outline the various approaches for the allocation of scarce human organs for transplantation. Which one do you believe is the most fair? Use factual evidence and/or research to defend your choice.
  • Do you believe that people should be compensated for offering their organs for transplantation? Should the families of deceased donors be entitled to compensation, or only living donors? What kind of incentives could be offered to encourage people to donate their organs in lieu of cash?
  • Outline the opposing viewpoints related to human stem cell research. Discuss your own personal views related to stem cell research, using factual evidence and/or research to defend your position.
  • What would you do if you knew that a patient suffering from cancer was part of a control group of research patients who were not receiving a drug that could benefit them? Use factual evidence and/or research to defend your position.
  • Conduct a search of whistleblowing cases in the healthcare field. Choose one of the cases and summarize the facts and the outcome. Do you feel that the person who reported the wrongdoing (the whistleblower) was justified in doing so? Why or why not? Do you agree with the outcome of the case? Why or why not? Use facts and legal support for your position.


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