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Risky Sexual Behaviors Assignment | Professional Writing Services

Use good English and solid references. Be creative. Allot more pages to the most important parts. It should be 5 pages long. Use dissertations and published works to build ideas.

Instruction: Write on this Topic: Predictors of Risky Sexual Behaviors among African American Females in Juvenile Detention Centers using the following headings

  • Introduction
  • Problem Statement
  • Sub-Problems
  • Hypothesis
  • Rationale/Significance/Purpose
  • Aims and Objectives
  • Research Questions
  • Sub-Research Questions
  • Independent Variables
  • Dependent variables
  • Control Variables

Additional Instructions

Use the ideas below for crafting out the dependent, independent, and control variables:

Dependent Variable: Risky Sexual Behaviors (Please don’t add alcohol or drug related questions in the dependent variable)



Independent Variables: Parental Monitoring/Discipline (General Theory of Crime); Homeless; Risky Partners and Sex Trading; Abuse/Bullying/Trauma; Mental Health (Depression, PTSD, Stress); Affiliation; With Deviant Peers; Problem Drug and Alcohol; Family Incarceration History; STD Testing/Treatment

Control Variables: Who do you live with(That’s who do the African Females in Juvenile Centers live with)



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