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Literature Review Assignment | Online Assignment Help

Exercise 2: OER Literature Review

Exercise Prompt

This section of the course consists of a literature review of OER research focusing on textbook costs, efficacy of OER, perception of OER or other related studies. By sharing these reviews we will help other users determine if reading the full article would be helpful.

There are a few places where OER research has already been gathered. The OER Hub from the Open University in the UK (Links to an external site.) not only researches open education extensively has also collected research publications (Links to an external site.)case studies (Links to an external site.), and other useful research on OER.

The Open Education Group (Links to an external site.) collects research through The Review Project  (Links to an external site.)and has a list of publications divided thematically such as “Studies that included data on both efficacy and perception.”

A few other places to look for OER research include Google Scholar (Links to an external site.) and your library’s databases, particularly the education database ERIC.


  1. Select one of the methods of research referenced above and find an article, study, etc. that interests you.
  2. Create an online document that can be shared with everyone (such as a Google Doc or web page). Make sure if you use Google Docs that give permission to others to view your link.
  3. Name your document: Name of Resource – Your Name
  4. Identify the resource you are reviewing at the top of your document. Be sure to include a link to the resource. If you only reviewed part of a resource, identify which sections were reviewed.
  5. Share the link to your document on this page by hyperlinking your name to your review. Review the  directions for hyperlinking in Canvas(Links to an external site.) if you need more help. To double check your work, click your hyperlinked name to see if it goes to your online document.
  6. Link to the resource by hyperlinking the title.
  7. To get credit for this assignment, make sure you provide the link on the assignment page for the OER Literature Review.


Example 1  Josh Franco  (Links to an external site.)



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