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Python final project coding computer programming

This link is the requirement for this project.


some idea:


Integrate email into the encryption code, so you can send and receive encrypted messages
Explore ‘code breaking’, writing code that code break the encryption of some of the encryption schemes


Extend the chatbot to talk about some new topics, or a new kind of interaction
For example, update the chatbot to more systematically answer questions
Or focus on a particular topic, like answering questions about Python
Set up Chatbots that can talk to each other

Artificial Agents

Make the agents interact with each other
What happens when they are in the same place? Can they ‘eat’ each other?
Add something new to the world: obstacles (walls?), or targers (food?)
Add a new exploration scheme for the bots to perform
Note: if you are want to scale up this idea, you can look into the ‘pelita’ application (from the demo)

let me know if you have any issue with the link is not working.


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