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Healthy eating Assignment | Cheap Essay Help

You own a small grocery store that specializes in healthy, locally produced foods. For years,
you’ve had a modest but dependable customer base. Recently, many of the name brand
grocers have been carrying more food marketed as “healthy” and “organic,” and two national
health food stores have opened shop within ten miles of your store. You see this increased
competition as a sign that your potential customer base has grown, so you want to create a blog to attract new customers.
Your store has been in business for ten years. It specializes in vegan-friendly meat alternatives; organic, locally grown produce, and humanely slaughtered meat (Kosher and Halaal, as well).
Your typical customers are middle class to upper-middle class, between the ages of thirty and
sixty-five. Your goal is to attract customers in their twenties who are just entering the
professional world (meaning they’re educated and have some disposable income) and who
might be curious or unfamiliar with your products.
To that end, you will research long-tail keywords you expect potential customers might use to
find out more about local, healthy eating. You will then create a blog post around a specific
long-tail keyword. The blog post should be educational, free of sales-talk, and it should target
customers in the awareness phase of the buyer’s journey.
Your post should be 500 words in length with a keyword density between 1% and 2%. Your post must include two external links to reputable, non-competition sources.
As you draft:
● Deliver something of value to your reader.
● Stay local (St. Louis, MO) and stay relevant to your store’s products.
● An awareness stage blog post is meant to help a reader identify and/or solve a problem.
Think about the many kinds of problems in which your store and/or its products are the
● You should mention what healthy eating is, the benefit of healthy foods and use the bullet point when listing any kinds of healthy foods.
● When you’re writing, try to think that what the title customers would naturally search for and how this blog helps customers to solve their problems when looking for healthy foods.


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