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Powerpoint presentation Assignment | Get Homework Help

Submit a presentation (Powerpoint, 10 to 14 slides in presentation style with Speaker Notes) answering:
1. Take an existing product/brand and critically evaluate the marketing strategy (including the current advertisement) for that product/brand using the tools and concepts learnt in the course.

2. Develop a better marketing strategy and provide justifications for your new strategy.

1. Title slide

2. Introduction slide

3. 8 – 10 slides covering response to the assignment topics.

Speaker notes on all substantive slides.
In-text citations where needed on the slides and/or in speaker notes.
4. Conclusion slide

5. References slide in APA format

For potential full credit, make use of marketing concepts from the readings and other sources, Presentations must have at least four (4) proper reference sources and at least 8 in-text citations, at least 2 from the text book.

Also for potential full credit, support your answers to the topics with real-world examples.


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