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The influence of Facilities Management on Service Operations Assignment | Professional Writing Services

Select a hotel (Hotwl Icon Hong Kong ) to
highlight and discuss the importance of Facilities Management to operations.

Your assignment should include and cover the following topics and you may analyse 3-4
different facilities in your chosen service provider as your focus: –

1. Introduction
i. A physical review of the entire chosen operation – i.e., general location and
an outline of featured facilities and services

2. Body
i. A review of equipment / materials used and their importance and impact in
supporting operational activity and strategy
ii. A review of maintenance requirements and practices
iii. A review of any contract services and environmental and sustainability

3. Summary, identification of problems and suggestions for improving Facilities
Management with reference to different Facilities Management concepts and theory.

4. Conclusion

5. Bibliography / References

6. A 5-7 minute oral presentation summary (to be recorded and submitted separately)
In cases where actual data and reference material cannot be obtained, an educated guess
based on taught theory and facilities management concepts should be used.
Assignment length should be no more than 1800 words.


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