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Develop an efficient studying style

1. According to the general adaptation syndrome theory, how does the body typically respond to an acute stressor?

a. The heart rate slows, blood pressure declines, and eye movement increases.

b. The body enters a physical state called eustress and then moves into the physical state referred to as distress. c. If the stressor is viewed as a positive event, there are no physical changes.

d. The body demonstrates three stages of change: alarm, resistance, and exhaustion.


1. Burnout is

a. the aftermath of extreme anger triggered by stress.

b. a feeling of complete defeat.

c. the feeling that comes after a long evening of partying.

d. a state of exhaustion brought on by constant or repeated emotional pressure.

7. To develop an efficient studying style:

a. Schedule your study time on a calendar or planner, have a friend go to class and take notes for you, and join the chess club.

b. Schedule your study time on a calendar or planner, write notes or questions about the material in the margins of the book, and give yourself a small break after every study hour.

c. Read assignments before class, call a friend before studying, and plan on working for four continuous hours.

d. Read assignments before class, skip class when studying for an exam, and have snacks on hand.


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