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Statements about self-esteem

1. Enduring happiness is most likely to come from

a. winning  sweepstakes.

b. work  you love.

c. a trip to the place of your dreams.

d. having more money than your friends and neighbors.

2. Which activity is probably enriching the student’s spiritual life?

a. Claire goes dancing with her friends

. b. James takes a 15-minute walk along the river trail with a group of friends every day.

c. Kate keeps a gratitude journal.

d. Charlie goes to a taize music group with friends.


1. Which of these statements about self-esteem is true?
a. Self-esteem is determined by genetics.
b. Parents have little influence on a child’s self-esteem.

c. A person’s sense of self-esteem can change over time.

d. Self-esteem is seldom boosted by achievement.

2. People who pray regularly

a. are less likely to get cancer.

b. never get sick.

c. recover from heart attacks more quickly.

d. get better grades.


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