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Dimensions of health

1. Relapses are common (you’re human, aren’t you?), but don’t let them keep you from your goal. Which of these strategies might help you recover from a relapse?

a. Have a hot fudge sundae.

b. Decide to think about it after fi nails.

c. Analyze what went wrong and why.

d. Put yourself back into contemplation stage.

2. Which of the following statements about the dimensions of health is true?

a. Spirituality provides solace and comfort for those who are severely ill, but it has no health benefit test.

b. The people who revel act the highest levels of social health are usually among the most popular individuals in a group and are often thought of as the life of the party.

c. Intellectual health refers to one’s academic abilities.

d. Optimal physical health requires a nutritious diet, regular exercise, avoidance of harmful behaviors and substances, and self-protection from accidents.


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