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Nurse providing patient teaching to a client

The nurse is providing patient teaching to a client who plans to bottle feed her newborn infant. Which of the following information should be included in the education session?

1.       The baby should be burped after every 3 ounces of formula.

2.       If the bottle nipple is not filled throughout the feeding, the baby may take in a large amount of air.

3.       The best way to heat formula for the baby is in the microwave.

4.       If the mother is busy with her other children, she can prop the baby bottle up on a blanket or towel.

The nurse has received change of shift report on the following four clients. Which of the clients should the nurse assess first?

1.       G1 P0000, 9 weeks’ gestation, hyperemesis gravidarum, vomited twice during the last shift.

2.       G2 P0101, 24 weeks’ gestation, receiving terbutaline po q 2 h for preterm labor, no complaints of cramping during last shift.

3.       G1 P0000, 1 day postpartum, vacuum extraction, for bilateral tubal ligation during this shift.

4.       G2 P0101, 2 days postpartum, spontaneous delivery, had asthma attack during last shift.

A client is receiving terbutaline (Brethine) IV for preterm labor. Which of the following maternal findings would warrant stopping the infusion?

1.       Cardiac arrhythmias.

2.       Respiratory rate 24 rpm.

3.       Blood pressure 90/60.

4.       Hypocalcemia.



A breastfeeding client, 6 days postdelivery, calls the postpartum unit stating, “I think I am engorged. My breasts are very hard and hot and they really hurt.” Which of the following questions should the nurse ask at this time?

1.       “Have you taken a warm shower this morning?”

2.       “Do you have an electric breast pump?”

3.       “How much did you have to drink yesterday?”

4.       “When was the last time you fed the baby?”


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