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Software Engineering

Your task in this stage is to analyse and compare three simple/baseline scheduling algorithms (FF, BF and WF) with respect to the following performance metrics (but not limited to) 1. (total) cost 2. Resource utilisation 3. Time (waiting time and execution time and/or turnaround time) The three baseline scheduling algorithms are based on memory allocation policies in operating systems (i.e., FF, BF and WF). They have already been implemented in ds-client. In order to use a particular algorithm, you need to specify the algorithm as a command line argument of ds-client, e.g., ./dsclient -a ff for First-Fit. Your analysis and comparison can be conducted based on simulation logs/results. To help conduct this, you have been provided with sample configurations. However, your analysis/comparison should not be limited to simulation results with them. In other words, you are free to make changes to supplied ones and/or create new one


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