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Implement a Software Design Pattern

From your requirements and architectural design documents, it should be clear that your software project will benefit from the use of one or more design patterns. Select one software component that you could implement using a pattern from those on the (Document Object Factory, 2013) website.

Implement the design pattern in the object-oriented language of your choice for your specific software system or subsystem. Then, alter your class diagram(s) as necessary to fit your new class designs. You will likely need to create stub classes for some of your system components so your design pattern implementation can be self-contained.

In a Word document, paste screenshots of your code and some demonstrations of the design patterns.

Note:If you plan to use a .NET language, you may download the latest full version of VisualStudio from the DreamSpark website.

ZIP your code, screenshots, and revised SDS together and submit them as a single ZIP file.

Upload your ZIP file and click the Submit to Dropbox button.



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