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Case study: deep partial-thickness burn caused by flames associated with playing with matches

Joshua. 6 years old, who was admitted to and discharged from the hospital with a deep partial-thickness burn caused by flames associated with playing with matches. He is making his second visit to the burn clinic for a burn dressing change 5 days after discharge Because no debridement is expected on this visit, he will at go to the sedation suite. Joshua is given pain medication in the burn clinic to help cover the discomfort of the burn dressing change. He is anxious about the dressing change and worries that it will hurt Finding activities to keep Joshua occupied is already becoming a challenge to his mother. She is concerned about how to keep Joshua occupied now that he is feeling better. She and Joshua’s father are worried about how they will prevent future injuries since Joshua is so energetic and curious. Joshua’s mother has had no difficulty identifying high-calorie foods for him to eat, but she is not sure of Joshua is getting enough an protein to promote the wound healing,

1. What signs of wound infection must you observe for?

2. What nursing support may help the child deal with painful and disfiguring injury? What are some developmentally appropriate complementary therapies for pain management that can be used during the bun dressing changes

3. What suggestions can you make to help the family review needed injury prevention strategies to protect Josha from future injuries?

4. What are some foods or strategies that Joshua’s mother can use at home to provide the high-protein and high-calorie diet needed for healing?


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