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Describe the main difference between manufacturing and service technology

What is the virtual network approach to structure? Is the use of authority and responsibility different compared to other forms of departmentalization? Explain.2. Describe the main difference between manufacturing and service technology. How do these differences influences the type of structure that will be most effective?3. Experts say that organizations are becoming increasingly decentralized, with authority, decision-making responsibility, and accountability being pushed farther down into the organization. How will this trend affect what will be asked of you as a new manager?4. The chapter suggested that structure should be designed to fit strategy. Some theorists argue that strategy should be designed to fit the organization’s structure. With which theory do you agree? Explain.5. Would you expect the structure of a company such as Facebook that operates almost entirely online to differ from the structure of a bricks and mortar company such as AT&T that uses the Internet for some things, such as customer service and business-to-business transactions? Why or why not?


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