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Explain the collaborative model and its potential benefits.

Answers to Questions on Sports Ethics

Using the textbook, answer the following question. Your answer MUST be at least one
paragraph (at least 5 sentences). At the end of the paragraph, include the page number
where you located your answer. the book is (sports ethics for sports management
professionals By Patrick Thornton, Walter T. Champion, Jr., Lawrence S. Ruddell, Larry
Chapter 1
1. Explain the collaborative model and its potential benefits.
2. How can sports ethics help SMPs make their organizations successful?
Chapter 2
1. How does baseball blur the thin line between gamesmanship and sportsmanship, as
illustrated by the brushback pitch?
Chapter 3
1. Review the NCAA’s official position on gambling.
2. How does sports “office” gambling impact company employees?
Chapter 4
1. What are the key concerns for each party involved in athletic competition?
2. Explain how the PGA engenders ethics and etiquette among its participants.
Chapter 5
1. Describe how ethical parents approach sports with their children.
2. Give an overview of the problem of parental rage in sports.
Chapter 6
1. Compare the Canadian approach to Hockey violence with the American approach.


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