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What is the cash flow at the end of the year?

MVA Over the years, Masterson Corporation’s stockholders haveprovided $36,000,000 of capital when they purchased new issues ofstock and allowed management to retain some of the firm’s earnings.The firm now has 1,900,000 shares of common stock outstanding, andthe shares sell at a price of $28 per share. How much value hasMasterson’s management added to stockholder wealth over the years,that is, what is Masterson’s MVA? Round your answer to the nearestdollar, if necessary. $    . . .

Mrs. J. Mourinho recently invested $2,566.70 in an investmentaccount that is promising to return 12 percent per year. The cashflows are expected to be as follows: End of Cash Year Flow 1 $325 2400 3 550 4 ? 5 750 6 800 What is the cash flow at the end of the4th year? Please describe the approach you take to solve thisproblem? . . .


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