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Film analysis.

  1. Critically analyze a film by understanding how it communicates through formal and narrative techniques.
  2. Relate film to topics in the humanities.
  3. Conduct research specific to the field of film studies.
  4. Synthesize research, critical analysis, and close textual/formal analysis into a cohesive argument about the relationship of a film to the human condition.
  5. Create a strong example of persuasive scholarly writing.

Assignment Requirements

1) Develop a topic and argument of your choosing, but consider the following questions: What are the central meanings of the film and how does the film create them? How does the film use style and narrative to produce these (potential) meanings? In making these meanings, how does the film relate to and provide commentary on the humanities and the human condition? Use our previous assignments (Annotated Bibliography; Thesis and Shot Analysis) as examples of how to begin writing this essay.

2) Requirements for the essay:

  1. film analyze.
  2. Include a thesis that makes a strong and clear claim about the meanings of the film. It should look something like the following: “Boyz n the Hood (Singleton, 1991) draws on techniques of neorealism, including location shooting and the casting of nonprofessional actors, in order to provide a harsh commentary on the black experience in 1980s South Central LA.”
  3. A title that clearly and accurately reflects the content and argument of the essay. i. A strong title should clearly indicate the topic of your essay, and it should include the title of the film youre analyzing. Be as specific as possible here.
  4. Pay attention to organization. The essay should be logically structured, with each body paragraph providing support for essays central thesis. Each paragraph should feature smooth transitions and clear topic sentences.
  5. Research/Sources: Use everything at your disposal to make your argument more persuasive.

You will find it helpful to refer to lecture/discussion notes, PowerPoints, and class readings. The strongest essays will also make reference to outside research. Research is not required, but it is strongly encouraged. “A” level papers will incorporate credible research.

  1. Annotated Bibliography 1. Up to 5 points for each new annotation that wasnt included in the Annotated Bibliography assignment (up to 15 points) f. Consider all of the major units we explored this quarter: the humanities, context, style, narrative, and meaning. The strongest essays will find ways to incorporate all of these topics in a clear, focused manner. g. Length Requirement: 1000-1200 words. Please include a word count on the first page.


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